Top 30 Lesbianas y Bi: #12 Me’Shell NdegeOcello

Videos de las mejores bandas y performers lesbianas y bi en inglés de acuerdo a la revista en línea Lesbian Life:

#12 Me’Shell NdegeOcello – Leviticus: Faggot

Bajista y cantante abiertamente bisexual elogiada por la crítica. Saltó a la fama cuando fue descubierta y promovida por Madonna. Un video donde denuncia la homofobia y la intolerancia religiosa.

Leviticus: Faggot

Faggot better run learn to run ‘cuz daddy’s home
His sweet lil’ boy just a little too sweet
Every night the man showed the faggot what a real man should be
The man and the faggot will never see
for so many can’t even perceive a real man Tell me

Not that the faggot didn’t find a woman fine and beautiful
He admired desired their desires
He wanted love from strong hands
The faggot wanted the love of a man

His mother would pray
Save him, save him, save him from this life

Go to church boy
Faggot you’re just a prisoner of your own perverted world
No picket fence acting like a bitch that’s all he sees ain’t that what faggot means
No love dreams
Only the favors sweet Michael performed for money to eat
‘Cause the man kicked the faggot out the house at 16
Amen mother let it be
Before long he was crowned QUEEN for all the world to see bloody body face down
The wages of sin are surely death that’s what mama used to say
So there was no sympathy

Let he without sin walk amongst the hated and feared and know true trial and tribulations
See my dear we’re all dying for something searchin’ and searchin’
Soon mama found out that god would turn his back on her too

Save me save me from this life
I pray to my Lord above save me they say you’re the way the light



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